Oil Free Co2 Compressor

Oil Free Co2 Compressors 

Oil Free Compressor ( Co2 Compressor )

CO2 (carbon dioxide) compressors are used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, alcohol facilities and in other various applications. In Lupamat's first CO2 compressor produced in Turkey, the CO2 gas provides the product last longer by preventing bacteria from entering into the packaging in the beverage industry. It can be produced in higher or lower capacities according to special customer demands.

General Features 
► The system is designed to operate in a closed loop without CO2 release to the atmosphere.

► Since CO2 is a corrosive gas, all other critical parts such as valves, elbows, sleeves, flanges, bows, heat exchangers that come into contact with the gas are made of stainless steel to ensure a longer life of the compressor.

► The CO2 compressor is designed in a way so that the energy saving is at the maximum level with the system where the discharge is re-fed to the absorption of the compressor, not to the atmosphere. The CO2 compressor has been designed for continuous operation.