Oil Free High Pressure (Pet Compressor)

Oil Free High Pressure

LYPS Series (Pet Compressor)


Lupamat compressor creates a difference in the industry with its reciprocal PET compressor model compatible with EU directives and standards offering 100% oil-free high-pressure and high flow rate products manufactured first in Turkey and made of 80% local materials.


LYPS series compressors with low energy consumption holding an ISO 8573-1 Class zero (0) certificate show maximum performance under the most challenging conditions with low maintenance costs.


It can be produced in higher or lower capacities and different pressures depending on special customer demands. 80% of the plastic compressors from casting to processing, from assembly to testing phase is produced within the Dirinler group companies. Oil-free high pressure (PET) compressors reduce the energy costs of users with maximum energy efficiency.