Ts Two Lobe Series Blowers

TS Two Lobe series Blowers

Hibon Ingersoll Rand is known for always designing innovative technologies that give you peace of mind. The TS Two-Lobe series, Medium Vacuum blowers offer a wide range of design features and incorporate energy efficiency improvements, complying with the strictest operational requirements of a variety of applications. These Medium Vacuum blowers are ideally suited for the rigorous demand of the vacuum truck market. Hibon is a worldwide leader in positive displacement blower technology with thousands of units installed around the globe.

• Mobile waste handling units, industrial, municipal, wet and dry.
• Pneumatic conveying (fly ash, chemicals, pharmaceuticals)
• Central vacuum systems (packaging, envelope manufacturing)
• Deaeration (chemical, plastics, brick and ceramics)
• Hydro excavation

Feature and Benefits
18” Hg vacuum is standard.
Tri-seal shaft sealing system.
Centrally timed.
Robust road tested design.
Rugged bulls eye sight glasses.
Washdown protection package


Model name  Free air displacement at max. speed (cfm) Vacuum at maximum speed weight
( Ibs.)
TS 32 3540 60% /18 " Hg 1036
TS 56 5000 60% /18 " Hg 1456